The solution is everywhere.

I see this everyday and yes at times I feel like a broken record. How have we come to such a terrible place in life where it seems the standard to click a like, share, and view atrocities that we only view on one side of a smart phone, tablet or computer. People are hurt, starving and being killed and often being exploited for this new common entertainment. Well this is what happens when someone starts being real and leaves the common calamities and finds himself.


I’m not a Huckleberry Finn or any kind of new aged traveler of the lands. However I would love nothing more to just set free these chains of life and explore. My outings come at the drop of a dime and I often couldn’t follow through on a plan. Even if was set in the proverbial stone we etch daily plans into. Often I simply just crave the need to be away from such craziness and relax amongst things in this world that are much larger than myself. I find comfort here and I think often that most would feel the same.


Dig deeper, look at the smaller things. Often bait fish seek the shelter of the shallows too scared to wander over the deep. Sure, below every riffle lye’s rocks, and the current see’s predators more so than the calm stagnate pools, but what drives you ?. Look below the outcroppings of spartina  grass and look at the life that dwells there. Look above at the clouds providing shade for a brief few seconds as pelicans glide past. Watch nature come alive at night and its far more chaotic and in a sense, way more rehearsed.


I’ve said it a thousand times sure, but has anyone listened?. I’m often left numb from the sarcasm of people that simply can’t understand and have nothing to offer forth, aside from some barbaric careless reply. It’s not the time and place in my life anymore where I seek sarcasm and smart-ass remarks. I just don’t care half the time about what people tell me they are doing. I care when I physically see someone living their life. You can tell from the way someone speaks and views their surroundings while hidden from the public eye. You learn more about people while in closer quarters and outdoors than you could between the Ethernet cables.


I will be doing more post’s here from time to time on my areas. Whether its camping adventures or fishing.  While this may make people uncomfortable it has to be done. If I can lead you to the water I might as well give you a straw as well. Keep in mind the things I wish to share with you are my beliefs and while it’s simply my opinion, I do not consider them fact. Everything deserves respect throughout life, Without it Natural selection will only prevail and run its course.

Until next time,




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