Saturday and Waiting

I’ve taken a lot for granted, I usually go out and just search for fish while out on the water to eat artificial lures and flies that I’ve longed to throw in front of their faces. I look around and see things a lot simpler now although most if it is far to complex for me to explain. All I can do is share the little moments with you. Life doesn’t always make sense, and I’m sure at times it seems dauntless (it is). While were out most would think that it is reckless and at times dangerous. there will always be problems and hard times will come and go.

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I seem to see evidence of people trashing things all around my area as if its some “cool” thing to do these days. Maybe their inability to feel for anything other than themselves or the carelessness of the people around them causes them to join in. I spend a lot of time and effort cleaning the area’s I frequent all too often, only to come back a week later and pick up the same trash all over again. I know we have bigger issues in this world and this is just one small issue. If you love something, take care of it. Neglect can lead to loss of privileges and use. not only that but even further loss of wildlife and growth. I hope one day I can share these places and moments with my children and instill the same love that we all see.

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Anyways Best wishes and I hope you all are doing well.

Until next time,


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