I was born native to Miami back in 1986, I lived there with my mother and grandparents near local canals catching Oscar and other miscellaneous inhabitants that called these runoff’s their home. For many years I considered this just passing time and it kept me from trouble as a youth in South Florida. 1992 came an abrupt change in my life when my mother and I lost all of our belongings to hurricane Andrew. We lived without power for about 3 months before Breifly moving to homestead and finally to Ormond Beach, located in East Central Florida.

Life was different now and I made new friends and found new hobbies. My love for the outdoors continued even after the abrupt transplant, however I felt more disconnected from home. I began skateboarding and surfing and  put some extra miles on my joints and limbs, looking back now I still wouldn’t trade for the world. With these new activities friends came and went, mostly because I decided to separate myself from habits I’d seen few of my friends fall into. The use of drugs and the up most disrespect for one’s self led me to look elsewhere for my “kicks”.

Looking back, I was backpacking at the adventure seeking age of ten with snacks and kitchen hardware. To this day my mother probably still wonders where her nice kitchen knives had gone. Hacking limbs of trees and lashing branches into forts in the middle of the swamp had made me comfortable once again.

Waist deep mud, who cares ?. Seeking Hogs and gators with bb guns and steak knives is what It was all about. I hadn’t realized it yet but this is where I wanted to be and where I felt at home. Our “Goonie” ambitions led me to the way I am today. It’s something that’s “hardwired” into me. some where some place there are sights I have yet to see and challenges I’ve yet to overcome.

Now-a-days I’m knocking on 30 and still acting out on my childish ambitions. With a wife and two children I hope to share my love for nature and the outdoors with. Follow me and let loose your inner child, together we can share some memories and discuss ways to improve ourselves.


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